Pizza Dough #2 ~ Soft & Fluffy Pizza Dough Using 100% Plain Flour 松软皮萨饼皮(100%普通面粉)

07 Sep

This is a quick and “bread like” pizza crust using 100% plain flour and total proofing time needed is only 10 minutes. Plain flour is more common and can be found in most households, so anyone can just make this pizza crust at home anytime.

The crust is indeed soft and fluffy. Though it looks thick you won’t feel very filling after eating. I used canned tuna for the topping this time (hot mayonnaise flavour) together with onion and green chili.

Soft & Fluffy Pizza Dough (100% Plain Flour)
(recipe adapted from Yum Yum magazine April 2011)

Ingredients: (served 3-4)
300g plain flour
6g (2 tsp) instant dry yeast
1 tbsp Italian mixed herbs (I omitted)
190-220ml water
½ tsp salt
2 tbsp olive oil
1 tsp sugar

1) Put all ingredients into a mixing bowl and mix well (add 190ml of water first and slowly add up to 220ml if the dough is dry). Continue to knead into smooth dough. Cover the dough with a piece of wet towel or cling wrap, rest for 10 mins. Roll out the dough into a square.
2) Prick holes all over the dough and bake in preheated oven at 200C for 12 mins or until lightly brown. Remove from oven.
3) Pile on your favourite toppings and bake at 200C until crust is brown and cheese is bubbly.

I kneaded the dough by hand. The dough was very sticky at the beginning, I just roughly kneaded for about 5-10 mins and left it to proof. The dough became soft and smooth after 10 mins and it was quite easy to handle.

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