Recipes Index

Asian Recipes

Asian Main Dishes
ABC Roast Pork
Ang Chow (Foochow) Fried Chicken
Ang Chow (Foochow) Mee Sua
Ang Chow (Foochow) Red Rice Wine
Chili Crab (Crab in Sour and Spicy Sauce)
Claypot Chicken Rice
Fried Pork Balls With Ginger
Fried Tang Hoon
Glutinous rice stuffed chicken
Hainanese Chicken Rice
KL Hokkien Mee
Mei Cai Kou Rou 梅菜扣肉 (Steamed Pork Belly with Mustard Greens)
Roast Chicken with Glutinous Rice Stuffing
Sambal Tumis Sotong (Squid Sambal)
Sambal Udang (Prawn Sambal)
Spicy Honey Chicken
Steamed Mui Choy with Pork Belly | Mei Cai Kou Rou (梅菜扣肉)

Asian Soups
Pearly Beans With Sweet Corn Soup

Fried Spring Rolls
Hum Cheem Peang
Mee Jian Kueh aka Apam Balik 曼煎糕 (发粉版)
Quick & Easy Steamed Paus
Yam Cake Recipe (Or Kuih)
Pineapple Rolls (Pineapple Tarts)
Pineapple Tarts and Pineapple Cornflake Cookies


Basic Bread Dough
Butter Cup Bread
Japanese-Style Sweet Bun Dough 湯種甜麵糰
Sweet Sandwich Bread (Overnight Sponge Dough Method) 隔夜中种甜三文治面包
Spicy Egg Salad Sandwich
Hong Kong Style Sausage Rolls
Japanese Style Bacon and Cheese Bread (Tangzhong Method 湯種法)

Basic Butter Cake (Never Failed Me Butter Cake!!)
Basic Sponge Cake with Passionfruit Cream
Black Forest Cake 黑森林蛋糕
Buttery Butter Cake
CakeBoss Sponge Cake
Chiffon Cheesecake 芝士戚风蛋糕
Chinese “Birthday” Sponge (Cup)Cake
Chocolate & Vanilla Marble Loaf
Chocolate Chiffon Cake
Chocolate Chiffon Cake 巧克力戚风蛋糕
Chocolate Cupcakes
Chocolate Roll
Chocolate Sponge Cake
Clear Water Cake (Sponge Cake)
Coffee Swiss Roll
Cotton Sponge Roll 黃金蛋糕捲
Durian Muffin
Fine Butter Cake
Golden Light Cheddar Cheesecake 烫面轻车打芝士蛋糕
Hershey’s “Perfectly Chocolate” Chocolate Cake
Honey Sponge Cake
Japanese Cotton Cheesecake 日本棉花芝士蛋糕
Japanese Sponge Cake
Madeleine 玛德琳
Marble Butter Cake
Marble Chiffon
Nigella’s Chocolate Chocolate-Chip Muffins 【Nigella的】双重巧克力松糕
Old-Fashioned Sponge Cake in Paper Cup 古早味纸杯海绵蛋糕
Pandan Chiffon Cake
Paper-lined Sponge
Vanilla Cotton Chiffon Cake
Velvety Chocolate Cake with Banana Butter Cream 嫩嫩的香蕉奶油夹心巧克力蛋糕

Hershey’s Double Chocolate Mini Kisses Cookies

CakeBoss’s Cream Cheese Frosting
Chocolate Fudge Frosting

Chicken, Leek and Pea Pie (Maggie Beer’s Sour Cream Pastry)

Homamade Hawaiian Pizza
Pizza Dough #1 ~ Thin & Crispy Pizza Dough by Jamie Oliver 脆薄皮萨饼皮
Pizza Dough #2 ~ Soft & Fluffy Pizza Dough Using 100% Plain Flour 松软皮萨饼皮(100%普通面粉)

Western Recipes

Western Main Dishes
Cheesy Rice Cake with Roasted Chicken
Roast Chicken
Tyler’s Fish & Chips

Baking Tips

Baking Pan Sizes
Tips – Ingredient Substitutions


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