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Ang Chow (Foochow) Red Rice Wine


Foodelicious Heaven: Had always wanted to try making rice wine. The other day my sister in law’s mum gave me some wine biscuits from Malaysia (the sweet type) so I started my wine making. I used the following recipe from Going With My Gut, after running through many other recipes from the web, and the wine turn out sweet and fruity on harvest. Note: I did not stir the mixture at all for the whole 30 days and it turn out fine.


2kg glutinous rice
5 pieces jiu piah (wine cake, right) from Chinese medical hall or grocery
75g ang kek bee (red yeast rice, right)
1/2 cup water, boiled, then cooled back down to room temperature
1 big glass or clay container with cover


  • Wash and soak glutinous rice for at least 3 hours (preferably overnight), completely submerged in water
  • After soaking, drain the water. Use fingers to poke holes all over the tray of levelled rice. The holes serve 2 purposes. From the holes, we can see the level of water. We want it to be half the depth of the rice. The holes also help the rice to cook faster
  • Steam the rice for 30 min or until it is thoroughly cooked
  • Loosen and spread the rice out to cool completely

  • Dry-blend the wine cakes and the red yeast rice and pour the resulting pink powder into a big bowl
  • Wet your hand in cooled boiled water
  • Take handful of the cooled cooked glutinous rice (see photo below for approximate size of ‘handful’ and coat it with the pink powder)

  • Put the powder-coated glutinous rice into a big container
  • Repeat coating the handfuls of rice and placement in container until all the glutinous rice and powder is used up
  • Use any remaining water to rinse any remaining glutinous rice or powder from working bowls into the large container
  • Place the container’s cap, but do not tighten
  • Set aside container in a cool dark place for 7 days
  • On the 7th day, stir mixture in container then replace the cover, again loosely
  • Set aside for another 23 days
  • Harvest the wine and the rice residue on the 30th day

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